Friday, October 14, 2011

Test blog from my mobile

Howdy! I'm just done setting my Android HTC Sense for Blogger mobile blogging. Yip'pee!!! :D I've been meaning to do this since I got the unit last May... and this is a test and my first post from my cp. I hope it goes in, (^_^ゞ including the 2 attachments.

The 1st pic. was taken in Hakodate, Hokkaido last week, while going up Mount Essan we saw this sign and took a pic., I'll blog about our Hokkaido visit soon. :) The 2nd pic. is something I'm enjoying at the moment while watching the Gymnastics Men's All - Around World Championship on TV live from Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. Ganbarre Uchimura Kohei (⌒0⌒)/~~, he is the current and 2-time World Champion in Men's All-Around Artistic Gymnastics and the Silver Medalist in the last Beijing Olympics, like UCHIMURA, I'm also cheering for Yamamura Koji, who is another contender for the medals . Ganbarou, 美しい 日本 体操!!! \(^o^)/

Hey wait, so much about what I'm watching on TV now, let's go back to the 2nd pic. heheh _(^^;)ゞ I got excited for awhile there, I'm sorry.(-_-;) I'd like to share you all this coconut milk TAPIOCA dessert drink which is my current favorite, among the new desserts that are on sale in the market now. The reason why I'm so fond of this 'sweet' is because it reminds me so much of home. The main ingredient is coconut, now we Filipinos love coconut a lot! Also aside from, coconut, cream and milk, it also contains TAPIOCA which we call 'SAGO' in the Philippines. Oh, how I've missed these yum-yum stuffs! But when Royal Sweets introduced this drink desserts to the market this summer, I was so delighted! The moment I first took a sip, I was already aware of this strange, good, familiar taste, very nostalgic. It's very delicious and tastes so much like our 'sago and buko juice' back home, only it was like the two were combined into one great product (^。^)y-~ that I just have the feeling this dessert would click more to us filipino residents here.;) All my beloved 'Pinay' and 'Pinoy' friends if you haven't tried it yet, try getting it on your next grocery shopping. You could also buy it in any of their Convenience stores and it's lined up with all the other drink desserts they have here. Just two coins of wonderful joy if you may call it, very affordable. I recommend Coconut Milk Tapioca and hope that they will make many more of this kind in the future. I will be sharing more unique japanese sweets here next time. . .

I wish y'all readers another great coming weekend!!! \(^_^)/ (^з^)-☆

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