Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Love of Life...

Hi, everyone! I'm not so sure how to begin this, but it sure is, nerve - shattering to do this again... I first started blogging almost two years ago. I only got to maintain it for barely a year... What I am feeling right now is not even comparable to the exciting and just light-hearted days back then. I never had a purpose or goal, only just for the Fun of it!... Until, one day people were starting to read and even write comments, i gained friends and a minimal of followers and eventually "it took me".

The events that happened to me for the last 2 years that I'm not in cyberspace, made me decide to blog again and share you all readers, the many wonderful, adventurous, sometimes dark and painful life i have been going through... as a wife, and as a mother.

Life indeed offers us endless opportunities for us to experience the full spectrum of emotion. From the occurrence of a 'new life' or perhaps a spectacular SUNSET, we feel anything from happiness, to wonder, to a sense of fulfillment. Unfortunately, from time to time, we also feel the hold of pain and disappointment. At times the intensity of it can be debilitating.

It is said that time heals all wounds but that is not always the case. Yes, time may allow the initial pain to dissipate. But the effects of it may not completely disappear. It is not uncommon for our difficult experiences to color our perception of how our lives really are. Some of us carry our pain like a cloak and allow it to become our integral part of our characters.

One can claim to be a victim of adversity and operate from that perspective. On the other hand, one can choose to extract something of value from the difficulty. Either way, there is always a lesson to be learned with every experience, good or bad, though it may not provide a reason for misfortune. My recent difficult experience taught me so much.....on life, family, love, respect, humility and most especially acceptance of things i am no control of. These lessons incidentally led me to discovering an attribute i never knew i possessed...Strength, Tenacity, Compassion, Patience and Integrity. It is when we seek the lesson that the pain is lessened.

To those who make my time difficult...THANK YOU for you help me grow. To those who make each of my day a challenge...THANK YOU for you help me build my strength and character.