Friday, February 25, 2011

Test of true Friendship

In life one meets and makes many friends. Some remain acquaintances with whom we share pleasantries. Childhood friends mature and remain for life or are not traceable. Fair weather friends are the ones with whom we can party, watch a movie, or go shopping with, exactly for the sake of company.

True friendship proves for itself with life’s situations. One can make friends at any age. Marriage too is about friendship and so is rearing kids. Ever felt that sudden desire to call your best friend? Did you felt better after crying over the phone and talking to your friend about some silly problem? Elated feelings and sadness needs to be shared.

A friend corrects you when you wear the wrong make up, compliments you at that writing skill you have, encourages you when you try out a recipe (ignoring the excess salt), cares for you by walking the extra mile, takes you to a movie sensing you are amiss and is strict with you when you go overboard. These are the tests of friendship. As you sit in solitude, look at your fingers and count your friends, you will be amazed to find only a few.

Friendship does not restrict itself to rules of gender, age, class, beauty and even distance. The inclination to communicate is essential. Holding grudges and taking pot shots only spoils a friendship. One also needs to be magnanimous by accepting the short comings of a friend. This is a major adjustment and accept a friend as he/she is. Suggest but do not expect him/her to comply with your standards.

There is only failure when one tries to be a please-all. Compromise but also effectively clarify. When one projects an unfazed exterior and in mind goes through a gamut of negative feelings, that friendship will be short-lived.

Not by money, looks or time, but by truth is what friendship grows. In present times where one is exulted by so many things, there occurs a paucity of time. Excuses stem from this and many a friendship silently die.

Make time for a pet, your child, your spouse, and never forget to make a friend feel special. You may have missed the birthday but be there for a friend when the path is not even. Giving a shoulder to cry on is a temporary support. Be solid like a rock to tide away the storms that test the friendship.

These all I’m learning…

And I guess, I am just missing my true friendship!…….

But still thankful for the presence of my other true friendship(s)!…..


  1. Thank-you Len!! :-) Having you for a friend has added a lot of gladness to my rather-bit- complicated- life ;) , meeting you here online has been what i call a 'gift'! Miss you and hope to talk with you soon. (^з^)-☆